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Zoey Le Mar and the Veil of Fear by Michael S Lopez

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Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure

Zoey Le Mar has, what she thinks, is a typical preteen life in the suburbs: soccer, dancing, a strict yet loving father and mother, a pesky little brother, Owen, and two best friends, Danielle Hernandez and Lucy Le Mar. Without warning, during the preparations for Owen’s birthday party, Zoey receives her first premonition, based on a secret truth. It starts to undermine her once peaceful, eleven-year-old existence. The forewarning matches a recurring dream that has plagued Zoey since Owen’s current age. The premonition and dream involve mystery, monsters, and magic. At first, Zoey ignores off the forewarning, not really realizing what’s going on or the importance of it. The premonition involves a family secret, a forgotten responsibility, many generations removed.

As Owen’s birthday party begins, more premonitions intrude and stagger Zoey. Even her cousin Lucy gets pulled into one somehow. A strange present, another two-feet-tall gargoyle statue, adds to the continuing mystery of her family and this evolving day. Still wary, Zoey dismisses the warnings and all the coincidences guiding her. Humor becomes her favorite avenue to deflect the strangeness. Though ignored, the premonitions expand and continue to haunt Zoey.

The party ends and Lucy goes home. With that avenue of communication closed, Zoey finds solace by going to Danielle’s house. On her way there, Tricky O’Leary, a fellow classmate and local bad boy, stops her. He discovers something’s wrong and tries to help. Zoey brushes off his offer and ditches him. Once the coast is clear, she continues onto Danielle’s house and gets chased by what she thinks are monsters. But she’s not sure. She makes it to Danielle’s house and ducks inside. Another classmate and teammate, Rhea Khan, taking out the trash, sees what chases Zoey, and it becomes her problem. Danielle helps Zoey investigate the strange happenings of the day, the gargoyle present, and her family story. But an odd accident occurs when Zoey and Danielle get too close to the bizarre truth.

Now, inadvertently, all four girls, Zoey, Lucy, Rhea, and Danielle, are involved with the Le Mar family secret, possessing pieces of the puzzle. As night falls, the ignored premonitions start to come true. From a pocket dimension, the high priest of the monsters, the golems, orders some of his clan to cross over and hunt for the disturbers of the truth. Zoey’s ripple effect has many results: an accidental kidnapping of Rhea then Lucy, Owen getting taken, Zoey crossing over with an animated gargoyle protector, Danielle being dragged into this mess, and Tricky finding a way there too.

Can Zoey find a way to believe in herself and take control of this situation? Can Zoey find a way to fulfill her destiny and end this forgotten responsibility? Can Zoey find a way to do what’s right and save herself, her friends, and her brother?

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  • Publisher: Michael S Lopez (August 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
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Read Sample

Michael Lopez Reveals Multicultural Girl Power in New Children’s Fantasy Book

Author Michael Lopez grew up as an Air Force brat and later became an elementary school teacher. Now he taps in those experiences in the first of a planned series of books which puts girls as forefront heroes. Book one, filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem, is entitled Zoey Le Mar and the Veil of Fear.

Michael drew from his many experiences growing up and teaching to come up with his characters and plot ideas. “Children say and do the most colorful of things,” Michael said. “I take from what’s right in front of me and transfer that genuine playful innocence into scenes that do them justice. It’s comical, and at times, poignant. Such is life.”

Starting him on this journey, Michael recalled an experience from a college children’s literature class that sparked this girl power idea. He was later reminded of that when his student’s requested more contemporary reading material. “I was asked, ‘Where are the smart girl characters? Where are the girls of color?’ These students motivated me to write.”

The series will capture the trials and tribulations of the main characters in their friendships, family life, and a newfound responsibility. Humor is a staple component in the books, but a serious side does popped up unexpectedly, prompting a stop-and-think mentally before it’s a learning-by-experience reality, sometimes perilously so. “Reality has a cruel mistress, so take detailed notes, and don’t make her mad,” Michael says in between laughs as he makes an abridged quote.

This is his first book, and Michael is currently working on book two: Zoey Le Mar and the Wrath of the Anasazi.

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