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Truth Avenged by Ashley Monahan

The Indie Book of the Day for 3rd of June, 2013!

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Deep in the heart of Maine’s unforgiving North Woods lay a secret buried by time. Chance Phillips, Outdoor Contributor with The Tranton Times, stumbles upon more than the vast beauty of the wilderness while on her leisurely hiking assignment. When a mysterious noise leads her astray from the trail, Chance’s life would forever be changed. But, no one believes her account. Why would they? It is far from believable. With the help of a very skeptical Maine Game Warden, Tucker Johnston, Chance sets out to find the truth. And a dangerous truth it would prove to be.

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Brought up in the shadows of the North Woods, her childhood years were spent playing in the backdrop of Katahdin and the wild expanse of Maine’s untamed wilderness. From kayaking and fishing, to hiking and mountain biking, she enjoyed all Maine life has to offer. The setting of her books take place in Maine and the love of her home states shines through in her writing.

Monahan attended college in Bangor, Maine to pursue a career as a paralegal, but after interning at a small town police department, began work as a police officer. Years later, Monahan transferred and began work as an Emergency Telecommunications Officer dispatching for several agencies, among them the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s Game Warden Division.

From her experience in Maine’s law enforcement arena, Monahan gives you a view of Maine’s elite Game Warden Service and life in the shadows of the North Woods.

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