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The Vagrant by Bryan Hall

“Bryan Hall has done it again with ‘The Vagrant.’ His writing of ghosts and of the one who chases and interacts with them, are spot on. He writes with restraint and sureness. Sometimes he writes with poetry as in this sentence: -There was a strange odor hanging in the air, however, like old books in a trunk – the scent of something very old but very important. I love Hall’s ghost stories and his Southern sensibilities. He is a writer to watch.”-Billie Sue Mosiman, author of Wireman and Widow

“Crate Northgate is that throwback loner I grew up reading and watching on TV. He feels like an old friend come back, only he’s a bit… darker, like he’s seen way too much.”- Armand Rosamilia, author of Dying Days and Death Metal

Creighton Northgate is a man shrouded in mystery and on the run from a past he doesn’t even fully understand. Blurring the lines between vagabond, enigma, drunkard, and savior, he spends his days staring into the southern legends and paranormal events that most only speak of in hushed, half-believing whispers.

In the midst of a sweltering southern day, he attempts to help a homeless man who seems to share his curse; a man haunted by a silent figure from beyond this world who pursues his every step. By the end of the day, Crate discovers that some things are best left alone; some truths best left in the dark.

This novelette serves as an introduction to the Southern Hauntings Saga and its central character Crate Northgate, a man whose shadowy past is slowly catching up to him. The first novella in the series will be released late summer 2012.

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Crate Northgate has a secret. Haunted by his own past, he is faced with an unforeseen desire to help someone with his paranormal abilities, but some things are better left untouched. The Vagrant will give you chills even in a hot summer afternoon.

Who is Crate Northgate?

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Bryan Hall is a fiction writer living in a one hundred year old farmhouse deep in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and three children.

He spent the first nineteen years of his life writing and reading voraciously, until pausing for some befuddling reason to spend a decade drinking whiskey and beer, playing in various garage bands, and rock climbing, eventually conquering practically every worthwhile cliff in western North Carolina.

Although a bad back has greatly hindered his rock climbing, he still considers himself an aficionado of good beer and great whiskey, which seem to add fuel to his demented imagination. Growing up in the Appalachias, he’s soaked up decades of fact and fiction from the area, bits and pieces of which usually weave their way into his writing whether he realizes it at the time or not.

Several of his stories can be found in print magazines, online e-zines, and in upcoming anthologies. The short story collection “WHISPERS FROM THE DARK” gathers together 14 of the best shorts he’s published to date. His first novel, CONTAINMENT ROOM SEVEN, is now available from Permuted Press. In August 2012 the first novella in his “SOUTHERN HAUNTINGS SAGA” will be released by Angelic Knight Press. You can visit him online at

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