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The Soulmate Experience by Joe Dunn & Mali Apple

The Indie Book of the Day for 6th of May, 2013!

Genre: Religious, Self-Help

Single, in a relationship, or married: people of all walks of life and all ages are finding this new book on enlightened relationships inspiring, accessible, and truly transformational. This revolutionary guide will help you create and sustain a relationship that is intimately connected on all levels–emotional, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual–and a continual source of love, inspiration, and joy. 

In Part 1, chapters like “Loving Your Body,” “Reducing Your Baggage,” and “Raising Your Soulmate Potential” will help you release anything that might be preventing you from experiencing a deeply connected relationship. As you read, you will quickly begin to feel more loving and compassionate toward yourself, more connected to those around you, and more confident about and creating your own soulmate experience. 

In Part 2, chapters such as “Creating a Context,” “Turning Expectations into Invitations,” “Transforming the Energy of Jealousy,” “Exploring the Edges,” and “Connecting on a Soul Level” will give you everything you need to approach even the most challenging aspects of relationships in ways that will actually deepen your experience of love and intimacy. You will discover the secrets to keeping the love, passion, and connection in your relationship fully alive–every single day. And you will learn how to lovingly guide each other to release limiting beliefs, heal the past, rise above perceived limitations, and unlock the potential in every area of your lives.

Whether you’re on a quest for your soulmate, looking for deeper connection in the relationship you have right now, or just want to experience much more love in your life, the ground-breaking ideas in this book–and the many stories of real people putting them into practice–will fill you with love, inspiration, and possibility. Because The Soulmate Experience isn’t just a book. It’s a great way of living life.

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Mali Apple

When I was a week old, the doctor came out of the examining room and told my parents, “I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, she’s not completely blind.” Rather than limiting who I was to become, though, my visual challenges inspired me to more fully develop my other senses, especially my intuitive senses. In this way, my partial blindness has made an enormous contribution to who I am today.

In the household where I was raised, the word “love” was never spoken. Accusations, defensiveness, frustration, and anger were daily realities. Rather than crushing my spirit, though, these conditions ignited a passion in me to discover how to create and sustain truly happy, healthy relationships–relationships in which everyone feels loved, nurtured, and supported in becoming their very best selves.

I believe that in knowing how to allow everything that happens to actually contribute to our growth and happiness, we can realize our greatest potential in every area of our lives. And when two people know how to do this together, their relationship becomes truly magical–as well as a source of inspiration that ripples out into the world beyond them. Through books, videos, courses, motivational audios, and our Facebook community (The Soulmate Experience), my lover, partner, and best friend Joe Dunn and I are committed to helping others create and sustain such relationships.

Joe Dunn

My first few years were spent in the blistering heat of Sonora, Mexico, where I developed a lifelong love of the language, the country, and the soul-filled people. Since then I’ve been blessed to be able to make my home in beautiful Northern California.

I am a father to two incredible young adults and will be forever grateful for the experience of helping to guide them along their own paths. I’m also an entrepreneur, a relationship coach, a national champion swimmer, and best friend and lover to my partner, Mali Apple. Mali and I have spent most of the last nine years exploring what makes profoundly connected relationships possible, and, just as importantly, how to keep them vibrant and compelling. Sharing our discoveries with others through books, videos, courses, and motivational audios has become our passion. Our Facebook community (The Soulmate Experience) is a relationship oasis where tens of thousands of loving souls gather to learn and to share their wisdom. When we’re not exploring relationships, Mali and I are enjoying our other shared passions–swimming, yoga, hiking, mountain biking, healthy eating, and our greatest passion of all: getting the most life out of life!

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