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The Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robert Kintigh

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Genre: Self-Help, Motivational

Have you ever had these challenges: • Have you ever felt like you have messed up so bad in life that there is no chance to live any better? • Have you wanted to do something so bad but had no clue if it was even possible for you? • Have you ever woken up in the morning and did not feel like getting out of bed?  • Have you ever felt tired of not being the best? The superstar at work? Always feeling like bottom shelf instead of top shelf? • Feeling helpless and wondered where you would find the strength to carry on?  I have had some of these very same challenges and I went through a time period where I could not drag myself out of bed. This happened to me right after my Mother passed away. I had no energy, no passion and was willing to throw away everything I had and give up. In fact, I did just that and almost lost everything. I threw away a home I built, businesses that were thriving and a life that was awesome and moved across the country to a place I literally hated. I also have been through many of those other challenges as well. I moved across country to Florida because I thought it was a solution and after a few months realized it was no solution, especially for me. Years earlier I had created a formula for success and as I sat there all alone by myself , feeling sorry for myself and sick to my stomach, I remembered the 10 Essential Steps for Success formula I had created and went and pulled it out. I had re-discovered something that had never failed me and a short while later I was back on top. The 10 steps put me back in the new world. You see the old world did not work for me any more just as you will discover it will no longer work for you. What I am talking about is self-doubt, low self-esteem and worry and wonder. What helped me to become successful was removing my old mindsets and designing new ones. This was my new world and letting myself drift back into that old world thinking was detrimental to me. The old way does not work. The solution is I wrote this book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves as well as a workbook by the same name to remind myself daily about what it is I need to do. The big picture is I have taken down my challenges one by one and did so by the 10 steps and the mindset training in this book. This book is not magical but at times it may seem so. Really this book is a great reminder about who you are and what you really want. This book also reminds you to take time for yourself and discover who you are.  Let me teach you the do’s and don’ts of reading this book and implementing some of the strategies and how to change your life: Do: • Read this book twice • Read in a quiet place and take notes • Have an open mind • Look for something powerful you can use or try • Read this book if you are serious about changing your life • Go to work immediately • Refer to the book often. Don’t: • Have an attitude and closed mind • Think this is not for you • Watch television or have your iPod on while reading this book • Take anything for granted • Read this book if you are not serious • Feel embarrassed • Forget about why you picked up this book. This first thing to do is purchase my book. Then I want you to go find a quiet place and get reading with your pen and paper. Lastly, go to work on what you really want in life!

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Robert D. Kintigh has not always been an author as he has had several careers prepare him for what has just arrived in the way of his first book The Lies We Tell Ourselves. Robert has had early success starting from high school in business as an entrepreneur and in corporate America. Robert attributes his success to his ability to write and his ability to market but most importantly learn from life and the mistakes he has made. Understanding the power of words and a clean marketing message makes his work as an author very powerful. He started his career writing sales copy for the property management and construction industry.

Later, Robert started his own home maintenance/construction company where his writing skills proved to be very beneficial as he created entire programs that brought notoriety to him as he was sought out to do the same for companies all over the industry. His coaching career was also born due to the success he was having in the industry. Not wanting to ever settle for mediocre or good enough. Robert has applied this philosophy to all that he has done and has passed this on to his students/clients over the years. 

Later in his career, Robert worked for a few organizations writing training programs to help teach employees everything from sales, customer service to health and safety. A burning desire to help people learn and achieve more, he was passionate about what he delivered to thousands of employees. 

A thirst for knowledge, Robert attended seminars and training’s by Tony Robbins, Knock your socks off customer service, Jeffrey Gitomer, Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie as well as the Get Motivated seminars just to name a few. Learning to apply what he has learned. Robert has applied these teachings to many of the writing projects he has been involved in as well as business. 

Robert’s business and marketing skills not only has been obtained in the field, but has also attended college 3 times in his life. Growing from the degrees and education he has taken from Butte College/Chico State, Crowder College and SEMO as well as other classes taken independently. A thirst for learning has always been his focus; Robert understands the value of knowledge and education. 

Robert’s experience in writing includes his first book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves as well as 4 other books,blog writing, websites for his own purpose and professionally including ghost writing. Robert also has written press releases for companies, policies and procedures, and various technical writing for training. Robert has successfully written 3 major courses for seminars and dozens of corporate training programs. 

Robert’s strength in The Lies We Tell Ourselves book he has written comes from his upbringing and the challenges he has faced in his life. Robert has received many awards in his life for both business and writing such as business of the year, most inspirational writing, employee of the year, salesperson of the year and dedicated to excellence award. 

Born and raised in Downey California, Robert now lives in the mountains of Cool California in Northern California near Sacramento with his wife Sallie and their three children. 

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