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Nolander by Becca MillsOf all the beings that have lived on Earth, what if just a few had the power to make new realities, according to their desires? What would they create? The Second Emanation. A shadow world where ancient creatures persist, where humanity’s dominance is far less certain, where wonder competes with horror. A world like an autumn forest, its realities as multiple and layered as fallen leaves. The world that gives us our gods.

In Nolander, the Second Emanation crosses paths with a seemingly ordinary young woman from the American Midwest. It’ll never be the same again.

Amateur photographer Beth Ryder sees plenty wrong with her life. At twenty-three, she feels trapped in her small Wisconsin town. The guy she’s been seeing lately wants nothing more to do with her, and her sister-in-law is doing her best to push Beth out of the family.

Then one day, Beth takes a picture no one can explain. Her quest for answers leads her far from her small-town roots and opens her eyes to the unseen world around her. Sucked into a dangerous organization responsible for policing visitors from Earth’s shadow world, Beth discovers that humanity is far from alone, and that its fellow creatures, many endowed with disturbing abilities, do not wish it well.

As events spin out of her control, Beth must leave her restrictive but safe life behind. Thrown into a frightening new world, she struggles not to surrender more than she can bear to lose, and not to become something she can’t bear to be.

At 99,000 words, Nolander is a full-length novel, the first in Mills’s Emanations fantasy series.

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Book Extra

  • Series

    This is book 1 of 1 in the Emanations series.

  • Characters (37)

    • Elizabeth “Beth” Joy Ryder: an amateur photographer from the small town of Dorf, Wisconsin
    • Ghosteater: a mysterious beast
    • Gnaeus Cornelius Marci Filius Cordus: a powerful Second
    • Ben Ryder: Beth’s older brother, who lives in Dorf with his wife, Justine, and their four daughters
    • Justine Jenson Ryder: Beth’s sister-in-law
    • Tiffany Ryder: one of Beth’s nieces, twelve years old when Nolander begins
    • Jazzy Ryder: one of Beth’s nieces; nine years old when Nolander begins
    • Lia Ryder: one of Beth’s nieces, five years old when Nolander begins
    • Madisyn Ryder: one of Beth’s nieces, three years old when Nolander begins
    • Janie Fitzgibbon: Beth’s best friend in Dorf
    • Graham Thomas Ryzik: a Madison-based member of Cordus’s organization
    • John Williams: a Minneapolis-based member of Cordus’s organization
    • Kara Dolores Sanchez: a Minneapolis-based member of Cordus’s organization
    • Callie McCallister: a resident of Dorf
    • Lord Limu: a powerful Second
    • Lady Innin: a powerful Second
    • Dr. Nielsen: the physician who’s employing Beth as a receptionist when Nolander begins
    • Mrs. Gunderson: one of Beth’s neighbors in Dorf
    • Zion: a member of Cordus’s household
    • Gwen Hegstrom: a member of Cordus’s household
    • Theo Duff: a member of Cordus’s household; brother of Andy
    • Andy Duff: a member of Cordus’s household; brother of Theo
    • Hortencia “Tezzy” Tolosa: a member of Cordus’s household; a martial arts specialist
    • Koji Nakamura: a member of Cordus’s household
    • Henry “Hank” Justice O’Malley: a member of Cordus’s household
    • Suzanne Dreisbach: Beth’s next-door neighbor in Dorf
    • Matt Kelsey: the guy Beth has been dating when Nolander begins; a high-school gym teacher
    • Nanny Hansen: Justine and Ben Ryder’s next-door neighbor, possessed of an overgrown backyard
    • Ambassador Jane: a Second; the ice men’s ambassador to Cordus’s court
    • Doyle Schumaker: a Dorf police officer
    • Billy Wozowski: a Dorf police officer
    • Jackie Britt: a waitress at Pete’s Eats in Dorf
    • Grant Tilwith Eagan: a member of Cordus’s household
    • Jim Foley: a beer-loving resident of Dorf
    • Ambassador Cra: a Second; the green men’s ambassador to Cordus’s court
    • Bob: a Second; an ice man
    • Kyle: a member of Cordus’s organization, now deceased

IBD Verdict

A picture is worth a thousand words, or is it? Join amateur photographer Beth Ryder as she accidentally stumbles on to a different version of the world, with dark secrets and a sinister plot.

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  • Print Length: 313 pages
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B007R6PPZA
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • X-Ray: Enabled

Becca Mills is an over-educated, under-exercised lover of good coffee, science, and fast cars. And books. Oh yes. She believes the world can be a rough place and that everyone deserves to leave it behind now and then. That pretty much makes books a human right, no?

Becca is currently writing Book 2 of the Emanations series. She also spends time developing her blog, The Active Voice, which promotes and assists independent authors through book reviews, writing tips, and analysis of the publishing world. In addition, she has a wonderful “day job” as a college professor teaching literature and writing at a liberal arts college in the northeastern U.S.

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