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Redemption by Marc Finks

The Indie Book of the Day for 10th of June, 2013!

Genre: Literary, Urban Life

In this stunning conclusion to the tale about human trafficking first begun in Boys for Sale…

Having escaped from Javier and The School House, Tavi is now on the run as he tries to survive on the streets. 

Knowing that his former bar will be looking for them, Tavi and his friends struggle to find a sanctuary where they can be safe from not only their enraged bar owners, but also other gangs of street kids and several police officers who seem to have their own agendas.

After a brief interlude where Tavi finally manages to find people whom he can trust, his world begins to crumble again, and he knows that it’s time to do whatever he can in order to ensure that he and the other children will have a future worth living.

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Between studying for my Master’s degree in Education and teaching really smart students in Seoul, South Korea, I’ve discovered that when I do have a little bit of time off, my happy place is a small, mostly deserted island in Thailand (Ko Jum), and I find that living in a bungalow for a few weeks right on the beach is the perfect place for me to focus without any distractions. Also, since the only thing there is a small restaurant, a beach, and a dirt road leading to a village which is five miles away, there’s not much to do besides swim, read, and write.

My first attempt at writing and finishing a book became T.A.G., The Assassination Game, a 600 page novel split among the viewpoints from four different players. It was based on something I wished was real, but I was tired of reading books with protagonists who were all good, and antagonists who were clearly bad. Personally, I liked the story, but it wasn’t ready for the public. However, I’ve realized that it makes more sense to give each character their own mini-novel, and so T.A.G. will be released by the end of March.

After that I wrote a book based on the idea ‘what if imaginary friends weren’t so imaginary?’ That was all hand-written on two notepads in a hammock on an island in Thailand, and it’s still unfinished. Usually, when my vacation ends, I stop writing since there are too many other distractions in life – unfortunately. Hopefully, that one, too, will be finished someday.

Boys For Sale, and it’s follow-up novel which is brilliantly named Boys For Sale 2, were inspired by a speech/presentation given by David Batstone in Seoul in January of 2011. I was shocked by how many children are bought and sold as sex slaves and the things that happen to them…and I was moved by how much some people give in order to save these children. One of his anecdotes led me to the character of Tavi, and as I imagined what he had to go through to get to where I met him in my mind, the story just seemed to write itself…

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