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Priscilla the Great by Sybil Nelson

Hi, I’m Priscilla, an ordinary seventh grader with some extraordinary gifts. As if middle school isn’t hard enough, not only do I have to fight pimples and bullies, but genetically enhanced assassins trying to kill my family and me! But with the help of my genius best friend, Tai, we’re gonna bring down the evil Selliwood Institute, an organization dead set on turning children into killing machines.

Winner of The Strongest Start Novel competition A Flamingnet Top Choice Book Voted Most Hilarious Read of 2010 by Booklopedia

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I awoke tied to a chair. My eyes felt glued shut. I struggled to pry my eyelids apart. Once open, I shut them again as quickly as possible. A ridiculously bright and obnoxious light glared in my eyes, totally super-sizing my already painful headache.

“Holy hot dogs!” I said, borrowing my best friend’s catch phrase.

“Good morning, Priscilla. Welcome back,” an eerie voice said from … from everywhere. The deep, sinister voice surrounded me as if it poured out of the walls. I recognized that voice. I knew that man was evil!

“Good morning? I don’t see what’s so good about it. My head is killing me and that light you’re shining in my face makes me want to dig my eyes out with a spoon!” I yelled into space.

“Sorry about that, Priscilla. We were trying to revive you. You’ve been out for a number of hours.” The light faded away, allowing me to open my eyes fully without performing spoon surgery. There wasn’t much to see. I sat in a stainless steel chair in the center of an otherwise empty stainless steel room.

The walls were smooth and cold-looking. Even the chair felt cold. I shifted in my seat, trying to warm up my butt cheeks.

“What do you want from me?” I asked, trying to hide the desperation in my voice. I mean, I was really scared. I’d been kidnapped. Really kidnapped. I wondered if they’d done that Amber Alert thing for me.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

And then silence.

A few minutes later, a huge dude with an even huger gun walked into the room from a door I hadn’t even noticed was there. It was almost like he’d melted through the wall.

He wore black pants and what looked like a sleeveless black bullet proof vest over a muscular chest. He easily could have been my dad’s twin. He even had the exact same tattoo as my dad on his left arm, a big circle with a whole bunch of overlapping circles inside of it. It was too much of a coincidence. I knew my dad had been here before. I could feel it.

“How do you know she’s the right girl?” a voice said in my head a little while later. No, wait, it wasn’t inside my head. It was from somewhere else. And since Mr. Bodyguard didn’t look like the talkative type, I knew it wasn’t him speaking.

“Look at her. It has to be her. There’s no way that resemblance is a mistake.”

“But she obviously doesn’t have any powers. If she did, she would have been out of that chair a long time ago.”

The voices were coming from another room. My super hearing had returned, which meant my other powers would be back soon as well.

After a moment of silence, one of them said something that almost made my heart stop.

“Either way, she has to die.”

Die? Oh my God, this was serious. Before I could panic, the calmness took over. I felt my powers surging. I started to formulate a plan.

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Priscilla is your average 7th grader, she’s got super powers, she has to save the world, fight kidnappers and assassins. Will you be Priscilla’s friend? Read the book then!

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Sybil Nelson lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and two children. She is currently earning her Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Medical University of South Carolina and has completed ten Young Adult novels.

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Author Bio

I was raised by a single parent in a poor neighborhood in Daytona Beach, FL. Later I moved to an even poorer neighborhood right outside of Washington DC in Langley Park, MD.

As a child, I used to love to read and would plan weekly trips to the library where I would read anything and everything. In high school, I earned a full scholarship to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA where I intended on majoring in English and Journalism. I soon lost confidence in my writing, however, and switched my major to Mathematics and Music.

While working as a math teacher at Georgetown Day School in Washington DC, I went back to my writing roots and started jotting down story ideas. While working as a math teacher at Ashley Hall School in Charleston, SC and earning my masters degree at the College of Charleston in mathematics, I wrote my first book, Ain’t No Sunshine, which is published under my pen name Leslie DuBois.

After writing several books for adults and young adults, two of my students at Ashley Hall School inspired the character of Priscilla the Great and I began writing the award-winning series.

I currently still live in Charleston where I attend the Medical University of South Carolina working on my PhD in Biostatistics.

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