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Painted Memories by Loni Flowers

The Indie Book of the Day for 9th of August, 2014!

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

I’ve come to realize how much life can change with circumstance. One moment I was a happy sixteen year old girl with a great brother, Jesse, who I adored. 

Then Jesse died. 

No matter how much I wished it had been me in the accident, wishing will never change what happened. Five years later, my father’s eyes are still filled with hate and regret whenever he looks at me. I haven’t forgotten my mistake, but I’ve accepted it. 

My father has not. 

He may always see me as a failure, but I’m determined to make a fresh start in a new town where love promises to be more generous than the scorn I’ve left in my father’s eyes. With any luck, maybe some distance will make him see me as his daughter again. Until then I’ll find my own way. 

Painted Memories is an original, contemporary romance about love, loss, and recovering from tragedy. Its characters are real. Between humor and heartbreak, it’s funny, touching, and full of redemption.

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Read Sample

I don’t consider myself the typical writer. Fact is, I didn’t grow up with a love of reading or writing, much like other authors out there. I’m new to everything, and when I say “new,” I mean like 2008/2009 “new.” Truth is, I always hated reading. I hated being forced into reading books for school and even worse, I hated writing the reports that came along with them. Fast forward a lot of years and a few book series later, namely Twilight and Harry Potter, and I’ve been reading ever since. I regret dearly that I never gave books a chance growing up because I know I missed out on a lot of amazing stories. Picture

Did you know there are hordes of book review sites out there just waiting for you to discover? Sites that share their love of the books they’ve read with the world? I had no idea and I wanted to join them. So I started my own book review blog where I connected with so many awesome readers and writers from around the world. After writing reviews for over a year, a new bug hit. The Writing bug! After much encouragement from a dear friend, I gave the story I saw in my head life and started a new journey in my life. Nearly a year later and a few more months of editing, my first novel, TAKING CHANCES was born. It was truly the hardest thing I’ve ever accomplished. And with a family, (a husband, 2 girls, and 3 dogs) and a full-time 40 hour a week job, I never thought it possible. Even more, I never thought others would love it as much as me. But they did. And it gave me the confidence and drive to try again. PAINTED MEMORIES was born in Jan 2013

So like I said in the beginning… I don’t feel like I fit the typical writer/author category. I wasn’t an avid reader… but I am now. I wasn’t creative, dreaming up stories every waking moment… but I do now. I don’t have a degree in English or writing… and I still don’t. But what I have always had inside me is love, romance, the happily-ever-afters; the part of me that can pull out the smallest speck of romance between two people. And that’s what I write about. My books are contemporary, but I will never tie my writing down to only one genre. I don’t ever want to be restricted with it comes to what I read… and I won’t allow my writing to reflect that.

So that’s me, where I’ve come from and where I’m going. I hope you’ll take the ride with me. Discover my books, and if you like them, share it with the world. But remember… the greatest gift and biggest support you can give to me… or any author…. is to write a review on how you liked a book. I, and any author would be most appreciative of your feedback – Good or Bad!

As always, Happy Reading Loni ♥

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