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Leah and the Jackhammer by Adam Ortyl

The Indie Book of the Day for 9th of November, 2013!

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

Ostracized for the unique magical abilities, Leah lives on the fringes of a harsh and cruel world. Her one friend is, Sir Ursa, the teddy bear she magically brought to life. 

But things get dangerous for Leah and Sir Ursa after she finds the legendary Jackhammer, a lost relic from a time when the world was new. A tool such as the Jackhammer cannot go unnoticed long, and with its awakening it draws the attention of dark forces. And when they kidnap Sir Ursa and drag him into the tunnels, it’s up to Leah to use the Jackhammer and save her precious friend.

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  • File Size: 445 KB
  • Print Length: 306 pages
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B00AMR4LZ6
  • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
  • X-Ray: Not Enabled
  • Lending: Not Enabled

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Adam has a young son and a dog. He plans to train one to ride the other into battle. (Fortunately they don’t have any saddles that fit babies.) Look for them at the first light on the fifth day.

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