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Ketchum and Cobb by James Mullen

The Indie Book of the Day for 15th of August, 2013!

Genre: Literary, Mystery

For nine days in October of 1990, two Boston homicide detectives, Ketchum and Cobb, investigate the brutal murder of a South Boston man in his living room. For each, the case knifes through the middle of their lives. With Cobb, it’s heavy weather and high seas because he’s grieving over his son’s suicide from four years ago. With Ketchum, it’s a chance at some sunshine – he thinks he’s found the love of his life, but his heart hesitates. Will she really be attracted to a guy like me, he wonders?

As they encounter characters in a South Boston bar who have tenuous connections to the dark side of Boston, they lighten the demands of the job through banter and philosophically posit important questions such as why, with three million people, you can’t get a decent pizza in Chicago? Or more importantly, why are there no cheerleaders in baseball?

In trying to bring the murderer or murderers to justice and make the city safe, Ketchum and Cobb navigate through an urban thicket planted with connivance, loneliness, Alzheimer’s Disease, and selflessness. Join the journey in this debut novel.


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I grew up on the South Shore of Boston and lived in and around the city for 45 years. I now live in North Carolina, but get back to Boston often. This novel is my first effort, but I’ve been keeping a blog, Grumpy Gets Better (, since a medical operation I had in 2009. The blog involves observations of a non-literary nature, but I’ll have an author website up soon.

I have a wife, Donna, who has put up with me for 32 years and a dog, who has put up with me for 3. The dog’s photo should be on this page – he’s the one without the shirt. My son, Adam, is in the US Coast Guard and we are very proud of him. His first posting was in Hull, Massachusetts, just outside Boston, and that station was founded by Joshua James, the father of the Coast Guard. My January 2012 post about James is my favorite one. I read somewhere the Coast guard saves, on average, 12 people a day.

I must note as I write this that there is a manhunt in Boston for a Patriot’s Day bomber. God bless the police; local, state, and federal, who don’t put conditions on our safety. While I’m at it, I have a special place for the staff of the Veterans Administration Medical Centers, especially the Durham VA in North Carolina, that strive, on a daily basis, to provide the very best care to, well, sometimes grumpy veterans like me.

I humbly hope you enjoy the novel. Most characters and events are fiction, but some events, like yelling “sit” to the dog urn on the mantle, happened.

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