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  • If we do decide to review your book, we will inform you in advance. You may submit a review copy of your book in .pdf/epub/mobi formats. We prefer a Kindle/Smashword copy.
  • Reviews will be published on our blog and/or on Amazon. The reviews are honest opinions of our writers/editors and may/may not be to your expectations.
  • We are accepting most content for review requests with the exception of Erotica, How To Books, Books offering Medical/Legal Advice and any other book of questionable content.
  • Reviews can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the length of the book.
  • We won’t review Epics or books over 90,000+ words in length.
  • We consider books on the basis of plot, existing review, author’s previous works and the general reading mood.
  • Fiction and Children’s Book Reviews will focus on the following five criteria with each criteria worth one star: Story/Plot, Characters, Dialogues/Writing, Execution/World Building, Entertainment Factor.
  • Non Fiction Reviews will focus on the following five criteria with each criteria worth one star: Information, Accuracy/Source, Writing/Execution, Educational Value, Readability/Entertainment Factor.

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