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Headturners by Ronnie Talent

The Indie Book of the Day for 9th of July, 2014!

Genre: Hair Loss, Personal Health

Ronnie Talent, owner of Legacy Hair Center, discusses some of the reasons behind female hair loss, as well as the emotions and forfeiture of hope that can accompany that loss. Once you have a better understanding of your hair loss, he will walk you through the plethora of options, which await you. Some are valuable, while others are scams that you’re better off avoiding. 

“I hope that after reading this book, you’ll realize that there is hope for restoring your confidence once more. Don’t be afraid of taking the first step. Go through the testing to figure out the root of the problem, and then find a hair replacement specialist to begin finding ways to rectify the issue. Whether that means medication, laser hair therapy, or any of the other numerous possibilities we discuss in this book – start on the path today, so that you can feel better about yourself tomorrow.”

Here are some of the topics that are covered in this book:

Learn the Nine Medical Reasons Why You Could Be Losing Your Hair 

Hair loss can have a devastating effect on your self-image and can impact your personal and professional lives in innumerable ways. Female hair loss can typically be attributed to one of nine common medical triggers.

Determine What Type of Hair Loss You are Struggling With 

Your initial goal should be to figure out why you are suffering from hair loss. You will get a better understanding of what the various types of hair loss look like, with some pictures and tips about what you should be looking for.

How to Deal with the Emotional Fall-Out

Losing your hair doesn’t mean you should have to give up on finding success and love. It just means finding other ways to keep your head held high. The solution is out there. We just have to work together to find the right answer for you.

Will Your Hair Grow Back On Its Own? 

In limited circumstances, female hair loss is something you can brush off as simply being a phase, confident that your hair will retain its former glory with time, but sometimes a little help is needed to make sure that happens. 

Hair Loss “Cures” – Separating Myth from Fact

There is no magic pill for getting your hair to grow back thick and full overnight, but there is a bit of truth to some of the hair loss claims you encounter on the internet. Look at some of the top hair loss “cures” out on the market today, and find out what does and doesn’t work.

How to Prevent Further Loss of Hair

Sometimes, depending on the cause of your hair loss, there are ways to slow any further damage. Learn some tips that might buy you a bit more time with the hair you currently have. 

Proven Ways to Regrow More Hair

Learn about some of the alternatives that are available for actually getting back that hair you have been missing. In select cases, even these choices won’t promote the hair growth you hope to see, but for some women, they can stimulate the hair follicles and help to restore what has been lost.

Understanding Hair Replacement

There are more hair replacement options today than ever before, with variations in the materials used, base construction, and attachment methods. Learn what you can expect to find as you start considering hair replacement systems. Taking the time to evaluate the type of system that will best suit your lifestyle is the first step.

“Every person I work with has a unique situation and we are going to get to the bottom of yours. Improving upon not only your head of hair, but also the confidence you feel in the image starring back at you from the mirror. There is still hope, and I can’t wait to help you find it.”


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Ronnie Talent has helped nearly 15,000 clients reach their hair restoration goals. As an expert in the hair loss industry, he currently runs his own vibrant firm, Legacy Hair Center. Legacy’s clients have been seen on Project Runway, Undercover Boss, One Tree Hill and on the pages of Maxim, Playboy, and GQ. Legacy Hair Center was listed in Salon Today magazine as one of the “Top 200 Fastest Growing Hair Businesses in North America” for two years in a row.

As a top consultant with firms such as Hair Club for Men and Bosley Medical Group for almost 10 years and now running his own firm, Ronnie is the authority in the hair restoration, hair replacement, hair transplants and hair extensions enterprise. He is passionate about sharing his expertise and is a masterful educator of stylists, barbers and cosmetologists. As a client himself, Ronnie is dedicated to ensuring clients receive only factual and actionable information regarding their hair loss options.

Ronnie lives in Charlotte, NC and works as a marketing and training consultant and author for the hair restoration industry. Ronnie is also a screenplay writer and a former musician.

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