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God Power by Richard McKim Jr

The Indie Book of the Day for 13th of April, 2014!

Genre: Self-Help, Spiritual

“Take A Moment to Use the “Look Inside” Feature of this Book and See for Yourself how Much Valuable Content is Jam Packed into this Master’s Course.” Quote From Customer Review 

This 750 Page/250,000+ words / 2,000+ Illustrations & Video Links, Master’s Course Teaches You everything that You need to know to Maximize Your Human Being Experience here on Planet Earth. 

What is Your “God Power?” 

Your God Power, is: “The ability to Change Reality.” Our Realities are changeable, and are in fact, changing all the time. Miracles are examples of a drastic and unexpected, beneficial change in Reality. The Placebo Effect, is a change in Reality, where a sugar pill with no medicinal qualities at all, is able to cure a terminally ill patient. In the “Normal Reality,” the pill has no beneficial effect. It is just sugar. However, when a patient believes that the sugar pill is a special medicine, a Miracle cure, it “Becomes” a miracle cure. The Patient used his “God Power,” to change his own Reality. We were made in the “Likeness of God.” That “Likeness,” is our ability to Change Our Own Realities. 

Your ability to Change Your Reality, is not limited to improving Your Health. You have the ability to change the Reality of Your Circumstances, such as Your Love Life, Your economic situation, and even Your World. 

How Does Your God Power Work? 

Your Reality is based on “Meanings,” Your Meanings. Whatever something “Means” to You, creates the Reality of it. It is a change in “Meaning.” that creates a Change in Reality. For Example. When a Patient takes a sugar pill, and he Knows that it is a sugar pill, what does that Mean to him? It means that he will gain a few calories from the sugar that he has just taken. However, if he thinks and Believes that the pill is some special Miracle Drug, that will cure him, what does that Mean? It means, that if he swallows that pill, he will be cured, and so, the sugar, becomes able to actually cure a terminal illness. The facts, were not changed but, its Meaning was changed, which changed his Reality. 

Is This The Same As The “Law of Attraction?” 

The “Law of Attraction” is generally thought of as “Like attracts Like.” Technically, “The Results are Elicited by the Resonant Attraction of the Meaning.” In other words, when taking a Pill Means that You will get well; the Meaning of Getting Well elicits, or attracts, the “Like Result” of Good Health. That is “Like attracts Like.” The “Attraction” is always based on the Meaning of the situation, and NOT the facts. It is the Meaning of taking a miracle drug that heals the patient, not, the sugar in the pill. 

Aren’t “Feelings” The Basis of Attraction? 

“Feelings” are NOT the basis of Attraction. Feelings are the “Indicator” of what You are attracting. It is ALWAYS the “Meaning” that is the Basis of what you are attracting into your experience. In example. If the Doctor tells you that You have a terminal Disease and there is no chance that you will survive, that “Means” that you will Die Soon. That “Meaning” makes you FEEL bad, and you “Elicit” Death as a Result. Not form the Feeling, but from the Meaning, that resulted in Your Bad Feeling. However, if the Doctor tells you that he has a “Miracle Drug” that will cure you, that “Means” that You will survive and Live. That results in a GOOD Feeling. You will then “Elicit” Healing and good Health from the “Meaning” that You will survive. It is ALWAYS the “Meaning” First, then the Resulting Feeling and Elicited Results, come after that. 

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