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Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed by Thomas Corriher & Sarah Corriher

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Genre: Health, Fitness

Without any fear of repercussion or rejection, Thomas and Sarah lead you through a compelling, never-before-seen exposure of widespread fraud in mainstream and alternative medicine in Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed. This book is meant to be more than just an investigation of fraudulent medicine — it’s intended to save your life. It’s sure to be provocative as you’ll learn much of what you’re told or sold by medical ‘authorities’ and the media can be reduced to cleverly devised narratives or pathways for profiteering. As you learn the ins-and-outs, you’ll be given the tools and knowledge to take charge of your health with confidence.

As the veteran “health detectives” of Health Wyze Media, Thomas and Sarah have earned enduring reputations for asking tough questions and getting unpopular answers. They are the producers of The Health Wyze Report, a hard, in-depth look at the truth behind today’s orthodox and alternative medicine, and “The Cancer Report”, a documentary about the cancer industry and its alternatives. Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed is the culmination of five years of in-depth, uncompromising medical research and reporting. Its premise is simple: it approaches standard and alternative medicine from a scientific standpoint, examining their goods and ills. It also asserts that the human body has natural healing abilities and that the answers to most of our health dilemmas are so close to us that we’re unable to see them.



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Thomas Corriher and Sarah Corriher are the detectives from Health Wyze Media. They are refreshingly honest, which often means that they are hated by both sides equally. Over the past five years, they have produced a plethora of media, including audio shows and the documentary, “The Cancer Report”.

There is a significant upswing of interest in alternative medicine; but the authors convey that most of the related media is lacking in quality, integrity, facts and scientific principles. They express that there has been something of a self-perpetuating cycle wherein alternative medicine has been somewhat commandeered by the pagan religions. Not only do the authors provide a message of hope to people, but they show that true religion and true science are not enemies. When one fears either religion or science, then his own philosophical foundation is weak. Those who embrace truth do not fear investigation.

Most of the alternative media promotes frauds, such as “spiritual energy healing”, radiation, “urine therapy”, or they promote harmful non-food items as “superfoods”. The authors research legitimate alternative therapies, which were the standard therapies prior to the early part of the twentieth century, when medical schools were hijacked by the American Medical Association and the Rockefeller Foundation. They express that one of the reasons why alternative medicine is routinely mocked is because most of what has been presented as alternative medicine is not medicine at all. Instead, it consists of new-age occultism. Much of it dates back to the forbidden religious practices of the ancient Egyptians. Thomas and Sarah’s dedication to the truth and to using the tools that we have been given is one of the reasons why they refer to their healing methodologies as “God’s medicine”. They are giving credit where credit is due, and conveying that the human body was not designed to be broken.  

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