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Bait by K.C. Blake

The Indie Book of the Day for 4th of June, 2014!

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

If monsters exist, it seems only fair to say monster hunters must be real as well. 

Have you ever almost crossed over into the Spirit Realm without realizing it? You have if you have jerked awake, unsure for a moment of where you are or what’s happening. Sometimes you think you heard a loud noise, but most of the time you have that weird sensation of falling off a cliff. That’s it. You almost crossed over. Don’t worry. Without the proper training you cannot wake up in the Spirit Realm. You have to know how to jerk yourself awake on the ‘right’ side, and Bay-Lee was born to do it. She’s a Van Helsing. It’s in her blood. 

After sixteen years on the run, hiding from monsters, Bay-Lee is whisked away by her father to New Zealand where she will attend his school, a secret training camp for hunters. 

This happens after she has two visitors in a single night: a dead rock star and a reaper. One of them threatens her, while the other taunts her with a vague warning. “You die on your birthday.” Of course, she doesn’t take the reaper seriously, not until she hears Statler Van Helsing tell her uncle another hunter was killed on their birthday. A terrible shadow waits in the wings, bringing death with it. 

At first, Bay-Lee thinks all she has to do is pass her classes and impress people with her fighting skills. It doesn’t take long for her to realize she has something more important to do: survive. 

Wraiths, a monster in disguise, and a mentor who does not want to mentor her add to the obstacles she must overcome to stay in school. She doesn’t want special treatment because of her last name, and she isn’t going to get any. When her roommate dies under strange circumstances, she and her new friends unite to solve the mystery. They will have to work fast if they want to catch the creature responsible before their birthdays roll around. Bay-Lee’s date of birth is fast approaching. 

During Orientation new students are given the rank of Bait. They must prove their worth and survive training if they want to move up to Hunter. Staying alive isn’t easy, not when you have border monsters crossing over from the Spirit Realm to kill you, and her new mentor refuses to do his job. He only volunteered to upset her father, but Bay-Lee is determined to make him mentor her. After all, Nick Gallos is the best young hunter at Van Helsing’s school, and he has the most amazing eyes she’s ever seen. 

Nick is overflowing with bitter resentment and seems to hate Bay-Lee on sight. He constantly tells her that she ruined his life, but he won’t tell her how she managed to do it when they’ve never met before. No matter how hard he tries to push her away, Bay-Lee stands her ground. There is something about Nick, something familiar. Maybe it’s the fact they are two of a kind. They have both endured a tough childhood, lost their families, and they both hide the pain behind a lot of attitude. She is drawn to him even when others warn her to stay away. Why does everyone care so much that she likes him? He could teach her so much. In all her sixteen years she’s never met another hunter who could cross over to the Spirit Realm as easily as she can. 

Van Helsing began her training when she was eight. She visited him every summer, and he taught her how to cross over. It’s easy… at least for her. All you have to do is relax, focus on your breathing, and wait for a sign. The sign can be anything from dancing figures on the ceiling to water going up instead of down. Then you wake yourself up on the right side, but be careful of ghouls. In that moment when you are caught between sleeping and waking, they can get you. 

Order of the Spirit Realm books in order: Bait, Hunter, Warrior, Legend. 

This is an action-packed paranormal romance about monster hunters.

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K.C. Blake is a ninja on the keyboard. When she is locked in her office, pounding out another story on the computer screen, no one dares disturb her. What they don’t know is she isn’t even in there. She’s in another world, fighting vampires, hunting werewolves, or falling in love with a tall, dark, and handsome creature of the night. Only her cat knows where she goes and what she does, but Blanca won’t say a word… even if she’s a shapeshifter in disguise.

A former writer for Harlequin, K.C. Blake has returned to her true love, YA. Her inspiration comes from such greats as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare, and others. She loves literature including the classics and poetry by Byron and Yeats. She loves animals and has recently added baby ducks to the family farm.

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