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I really appreciate you featuring Volcano Watch on its recent Select promotion. Had the best run ever, reaching #3 in the Kindle free store!

- Toni Dwiggins, Author of Volcano Watch

IBD Team,

Thank you for promoting our novel, “Pilot Error,” on February 19/20. Your assistance made our Amazon free days a great success. We earned the Top 5 ranking in the category of Romantic Suspense, placed in the Top 50 of Contemporary and General Romance categories, and missed the Top 100 of the Kindle Store by only one place (peaking at 101)! “Pilot Error” would not have reached so many potential readers without your help. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Kind Regards,

Sharon Wisdom and Michelle Agnew Writing as T.C. Ravenscraft

Thank you so much for assisting my Amazon promotion. I had a 50% increase in downloads and appreciate all you did to achieve that.

- Gwen Reekie

I just wanted to say thanks so much for the promo, I really appreciate the help getting the word out. The listing is up now and it looks great.

– Jamie McGowan, Author of Grey Jack Road

On behalf of indie authors everywhere, thank you for the support.

- Daniel Speraw