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 The selection criteria are a set of rules we use when it comes to accepting nominations for the Indie Book of the Day award & home page feature for an entire day.

Please note that, we are very strict with the nominations as we want to ensure the books that receive the IBD actually deserve it. Our success directly relies on the success of the book and hence a standard has to be set. We therefore ask you to pay heed to the rules below. If for some reason we reject your nominations, you can make necessary changes and re apply. Since we cater to the success of indie authors, our system is designed to ensure that once nominated and approved, a feature is guaranteed.

You can proceed with nominations by filling up the form here. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

*The selection guidelines are flexible on certain cases. We may update this page anytime for addition or removal of certain criteria to the list. Upon submission of the nomination form, you agree to the below mentioned criteria for participation.*

Selection Criteria

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  1. The submitted book must be an Indie Book.At present we do not accept nominations for trade published books or books published by major publishing houses. We are a platform dedicated to the indie, self published and small press authors and we wish to stick with it.
  2. The submitted book must be published at the time of nomination request.We do not accept nominations for work in progress. The book should be available to the end user.
  3. The submitted book must be available on Amazon.Com Kindle StoreWe rely on amazon for most of our site API. Your book must be available on the Amazon US kindle store. Other Amazon kindle stores, online & offline retailers are a bonus.
  4. The submitted book must be priced between $0.99 to $9.99.Your book should not be FREE or above the 9.99 price tag, although we advise nominating your lowered priced books to maximize the exposure you get
  5. The submitted book must have proper formatting, cover art, blurb and should be assigned the appropriate genre categories.First impression is the last impression. A book can't sell if it doesn't have a proper cover. We also do not accept nominations for books with bad formatting or lots of typos. A book blurb is a must as it is the hook for your prospective readers. Genre categories refer to the amazon categories under which your book is listed. We scan through amazon reviews to ensure customers are not complaining of these issues.
  6. The submitted book must have a minimum rating of 4 stars on & a minimum of 5 user reviews across all platforms combined.Reviews & Ratings determine the potential of a book. We are lenient in this department but our visitors should at least have access to a handful of reviews to read before making any decision.
  7. The book author must have sufficient online presence. (Any one of these: a blog, twitter account, facebook fan page)We can't help you if you are not already helping yourself. We will also need to ensure you are a legitimate author and not someone publishing copyrighted or out of copyright works
  8. An author cannot have multiple nominations at the same time, if one if their books has already been nominated.This criteria is only applicable to pen names, if an author publishes under multiple pen names, he/she can have multiple nominations at the same time - one for each pen name.
  9. The author cannot change the book price to FREE or above $9.99 once they are nominated, until they have won an IBD or withdrawn their nomination. Doing so will lead to disqualification.This is with reference to criteria #4 above. Authors are free to change the price of the book within the given price range. The book would be disqualified if it goes FREE or above $9.99 before its home page feature.
  10. Authors agree that IBD may use their books, book reviews, cover art, author bio, blog links, social profiles in promotional campaigns and to showcase IBD winners.Don't worry we only use your stuff to promote you, in some cases we may run advertising campaigns with your book as the feature, but we always ask for permission.
  11. A book that has been withdrawn can be renominated again upon request at a later stage, however it will be re-added to the waiting list, if any.Authors can back out and withdraw their nominations anytime while in the waiting stage. However upon renomination, they will be added to the bottom of the waiting list.
  12. The author can request to be added to the previous winners category (for life) after the IBD day.No restrictions are applicable after winning an IBD, authors are free to change the price, cover art, etc.
  13. Authors are free to use their winning certificates, editorial rating & badges in any way they want(print, online, in publication, etc) as long as no changes are made and proper credits are given.Congratulations, you won! Now time to show off and brag about it!
  14. Authors are free to nominate their other books. A book that has won an IBD cannot be renominated again.This is applicable to pen names & all versions of the book, including but not limited to revisions and revised editions.
  15. Authors are entitled to all benefits that the IBD team may add to the IBD award and for the respective winners – even after winning the award, as long as the conditions are satisfied.In short, we have lots of great things planned out and it benefits all the winners, irrespective of when you won. How awesome is that?
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