Do you have kindle books that are free? Or are you in KDP Select and about to use your free days? Whatever the reason, if your book is (or going to be) listed free in the next 30 days ($0.00) on Kindle then we can help you reach more readers and get more freeloads. We will gladly share the promotion via our website, Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest. ‘Free on Kindle’ listing submission is open to all authors and book types subject to the following.


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  • Dates book will be free: Please provide the start and end dates of your free days in DD/MM/YY format. If your book is listed free for an extended period of time, just write NIL. Example: 20/08/12 to 25/08/12.
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  • Genre of book: List the genre and sub genre (if any) of your book.

Free on Kindle Listings
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Books are listed free on our ‘Free Kindle Books for Today‘  list & updated daily. If you submit your books at least 1 week prior to going free then you can build pre-free hype as we list your books in our ‘Soon to be Free‘ page.

  • Please send in your submissions at least 2 days before your book goes free, we give priorities to authors who notify us in advance. Last minute submissions are quite labor intensive.
  • If you send us submissions in advance and plan to change, please do notify us within 1 week from your given date. This is to avoid confusion and disappointing readers after your book has been added to the ‘Soon to be Free’ listing. Kindly stick to your commitments!
  • Remember to confirm your submission, or we cannot process it.
  • We filter books and give priority to books with good reviews and rating. If your book has low rating (below 3.5) or bad reviews, kindly look into the complaints before seeking further promotion.
  • We will not be nice to spammers or fraudulent identity thieves, using this form for spam will result in a Permanent IP Ban.
  • We will not list books that contain the following: graphical erotic descriptions, pornography, graphic BDSM elements, explicit sex scenes, soft core porn, contain controversial subject matter, offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason.

Why was my book not included on your listing?

If you did not find your books in the listings with us, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Last moment submissions, your book is already free for the day and submitted a few hours before the deal was off.
  • The book has bad or no reviews, no or generic covers, bad formatting, etc.
  • The book is free for an extended period of time (we are focusing on KDP select deals, perma-free books are listed on occasions)
  • Your book contains objectionable content as mentioned previously.
  • Incomplete submission of the form. At the moment we do not have enough labors to go searching for books, nor do we have a magic crystal ball that can help us predict when a book might go free in the given month.
  • Our team member might have been slacking and skipped your books accidentally (or so they say), don’t worry they don’t get paid for this.

Get More Exposure

You’re not done yet! Don’t forget to use this awesome free author tool to submit your books to other ‘free book’  listing sites for optimum results.